"Design for design... developing tools for others to design and collaborate with"

TXD Tools develops technologies and products to expand the TXD philosophy beyond the work of the lab.

TXD Tools corresponds to the technological byproduct of TXD Lab, seeking the global pollination and conversation around the ideas and methods proposed by the lab. TXD Tools develops interactive materials, online platforms, and explicit and tangible design procedures that can be used and changed by others freely according to their own cultural domains, in an open source process of collaboration.

TXD Tools (under development):

-TXD Spaghetti (SP I/O): Interactive materials to play and design with
-TXD Network: Online platform to share experiences
-TXD Toolkit: Explicit procedures to guide the creative process
-TXD Game: Set of rules to play and design with

TXD Spaghetti (SP I/O): Program by Touch

TXD Spaghetti (SP I/O)

Spaghetti corresponds to a set of cables that allows designers to program by touch, by rotating knobs and seamlessly defining the ranges and relationships between inputs and outputs for their interactive designs. With Spaghetti the manipulation of interactive materials (sensors, motors, buzzers, etc.) is direct and intuitive, allowing constant and immediate feedback.

Rearrange: Define range for inputs and range for outputs

With Spaghetti you can try things out experientially without having to stop to connect your computer, program and upload again. You change something and you experience it right away… you can always come back anytime you want to change your design.

Experience: Incoporate other materials and keep playing with ranges

Spaghetti (2nd version): SP for Input/Output mode (SP I/O)