"Technology has shown us we can make anything we want... it's time to ask ourselves how we want to live"

TXD Lab is a human laboratory and design studio that brings together researchers, organizations, and communities to transform their experiences, their worlds, their way of living in meaningful ways through design and technology.

What do we do at TXD Lab?

At TXD Lab we conduct research and develop innovative technologies through teaching workshops on electronics and design. At the workshops we learn how to transform what we do and feel with the new technologies we are creating. We also play the role of users and designers to explore how we create things for each other, how we transform together through design.

TXD = Transformational Experience Design

-What is Experience?

Experience is feeling what we are doing with the objects in the flow of the present.

-What is Transformation?

Changing what we feel and do, changing ourselves and our way of living.

-What is Design?

Design is the intentional act of transformation of experience by rearranging the materials we bring forth in our living.

TXD Lab Agendas: Research + Tools + Education

TXD Lab seeks real-world impact by working at the intersection of producers and users, of local and global, of pedagogy and production, of research and practice. There are three complementary TXD lab agendas that work in parallel and feed each other: research, tools, and education.

-TXD Research: Investigates the nature of human experience and the creative process, involving the collective transformation of experience through design.

-TXD Tools: Develops technologies and products to expand the TXD philosophy beyond the work of the lab.

-TXD Education: Teaches how to transform experience through collaborative design, together with students, organizations, and communities.

TXD Lab embodies a paradigm shift taking place in front of our eyes. After some years of great excitement about digital technologies, people have realized there is something missing. There is a general dissatisfaction right now that has turned our gaze towards humanity: towards interaction, experience, and collaboration. New fields of research and practice are erupting all over the world, including Interaction-Design and UXD. There is also a cultural change, a mindful group of people seeking answers from eastern traditions involving Buddhism, meditation, yoga, and other practices of the body and the mind.

TXD Lab embraces both this technological and cultural shift, illuminating new paths for design, innovation, and technology in a world thirsty for meaning.

About the Director

Daniel Rosenberg is an architect, designer, and researcher with a fresh vision of how to expand the current dialogue about technology and creativity, with an approach that taps the basic and profound feelings and doings that constitute the human experience.

Daniel is currently completing his PhD at the MIT Design & Computation Group, and he is a collaborator at Matriztica and associate researcher at Catholic University of Chile Master of Innovation. He has shown his work in Chile, Israel, Canada, and the US including SXSW 2013, MIT, and Disney Animation Studios.

SXSW 2013 presentation: Beyond UXD: Transforming Experience through Design